Thursday, 15 May 2014

Visions of Glory

               Visions of Glory
Celibacy begins with the giving
Of one life to another,
And continues that way ever expanding
Until its glorious end; and then
It continues.
It never was alone
It never will be
The life of heaven has begun on Earth.

Children in the playground;
The same in every age and place,
Sometimes to the sound of bombs
Sometimes bells.
Still they come from mother’s womb,
Still they laugh and play.
Childhood has not been eradicated
Though here it is short lived
Before it is dressed
In the patchwork rags of adulthood.
But it will return on a new Earth,
Childhood’s joy and profound contemplation
Clothing us in seamless robes.

Celestial light shining through
The dirty canvas of this world,
Like the truth in the heart of a myth,
The meaning wrapped in a parable,
Something shines in the luminous gaze of lovers.
That we can fall in love is a gift from God
And though often defiled
It still reveals eternal secrets
To the pure in heart,
A Lamb
A Bride
New Earth
Everlasting love.

                                         Wilf  July  2010

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