Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Different Light

In this 21st century light
You look like anyone else
From your time and place
In the Middle East.

In the half light of my half journey
Colours begin to sleep
Something else comes to life
The lines in your face like river beds
Compassion and Grief
Carved out for us.

When darkness comes
Timeless and
Inevitable this far down the road
I know by senses I do not know
That You are there smiling
Like a young moon
The light of unquenchable kindness
In your unseen eyes
                                           Wilf Sep 2016


Meek, fearful, murderer,
Friend of God soon to die
Looking back
From his last mountain path
Back over the forty year long desert
Every bush is burning
                                                      Wilf SEP 2016


Jesus come to me
The shadows are long and sharp
The night is not at rest
Wars rage and rage wars
Only you who never sleep are at rest
Sweet Jesus give me sleep
                                                       Wilf Sep 2016