Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Universal Expert

                         The Universal Expert

I understand all the workings of the brain
And all the human psyche can do
All of the soul’s many mysteries
I’ve worked them all through
But each time I look in my mirror
I wonder
Who on earth are you?

I have studied every creature’s behaviour
And memorised their DNA
I know all their social patterns
How they work and sleep and play
But as I study all this interaction
I wonder
Why my friends all went away?

I have mastered every language
From Cherokee to Basque and Dutch
Every shade of hidden meaning
Is grasped in my linguistic clutch
But as I read your farewell letter
I wondered
How did we lose touch?

I can tell precisely
Where the galaxies are tonight
How sub-atomic particles act
And the properties of light
But as I gaze into the dark sky
I wonder
Where my daughter is tonight ?   

                                            WILF 07 2008-07-15                

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