Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Francis Traherne

             Francis  Traherne
Grey limbed ,green skimmed
Daughter of the river
Gliding through the earth cleave;
Winding winding winding her own business
Flows into me ;
For when you have given all
To the Lord of all the Earth
Then you have nothing
To stop you
Owning all the world

The light in the mist in the air
The knots and crowns
Of the sleek green tangle lands
And the mystery of the mystery in everything
No longer call with heartbreaking sweetness
Across a gulf that can not be crossed
But ,with winks and smiles
Beckons to its fellow conspirator,

For when you have nothing
Then you have everything;
And the lord and his earth
Are yours

                                        WILF 0707

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