Thursday, 15 May 2014

Five don't have an adventure


Five met,
Five fought,
But only one man walked away.
Five died at the hand of the one
Who went his weary way
Just as dead as the other four
On that dreary, dreary day

An angry young man, a lover,
A laughing child and a sage;
All cut down on that dreary day
By the man who walked away.

When he killed the laughing boy
He discarded wonder as a useless toy
Then he killed the wise man,
And with him killed the whys.
After he killed the lover
Night just followed day,
When the angry youth lay dead
The man’s blood turned to grey.

The man who walked away thought he was the same
But the man who walked away
No longer had a name

But they had to die
On that weary day
“That’s how it is on the hard highway
Just another step just another day
    Just another step just another day”

          Just another step
Till he started to look back
Wondering why he walked
On that hard hard track
And why he didn’t have a name
And why he was the same same same same
And why

                                                   WILF 2009-03-30


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