Thursday, 15 May 2014

After the Lafter

                       AFTER THE LAFTER
What would happen if all the lafter died down?
Would there be a mass embarrassed shuffling of countries
Crossing and uncrossing their legs?
A mountain range of nail bits bit to the bone?
A billion blushes ?
Nations clearing their throats?
(If they did I know who they’d spit on.)

“But let’s not talk of the laughter dying down,
Knees up Mother Brown
You’ve got to have a laugh
If we didn’t laugh we’d cry
Laugh has to go on-particularly mine
Being miserable doesn’t help anybody you know
Well, it doesn’t help me-that I do know”

What do you hear when the lafter dies away?
A faint murmur that things are not ok?
A sharp stab of pointlessness?
And maybe a realisation why?
“let’s have a laugh eh!
It stops the noise of our pain, their pain”

It’s not for nothing that jokes are called gags

                                               WILF 10- 2008-

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