Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Who am I? and, Love Summer Desolation

Who am I ?
I’m glad you know ;
My name reflects from you
In mirror words
I can’t quite read
But the right way round for you

Who am I ?
I know you know;
The purpose of my life
Unfolds in yours
I’m inside out and upside down
But the right way round for you
                                                   WILF 07 2008-07-22

If you’re going to San Fransisco
In the Summer of sixty- heaven
Be sure to wear
Some plastic flowers in your hair
For all the bombed out spacers
Will soon be back on earth
A second behind the rest of time
Bumming around their turf
But by the Autumn of ‘67
The psychedelic hoards will have gone
To shuffle over polished boards
In ‘Frisco’s psycho wards
And flowers
Make a place look like home
                                               WILF 07 2008-07-22


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