Monday, 19 May 2014

Testimony - The Path

No path could have been more hopelessly wrong
Than the one You led me along
But no other path could have brought me through
Intact sane warm and strong

So many times my protective skin was flayed

Leaving every raw fear displayed
But they were the times I cried to You
And learned to be unafraid,

In times like that You made me;

Answering my prayers and those You saw hidden
In the ones You didn't answer,
And I was given strength
By those who had little for themselves
I was helped to stand
By those who often fell
And if I can look on life now
With wise calm eyes
It is because of those crazy troubled times.

Countless alters on a road of strife

Hardly noticed among the rubble of life
But they are witnesses to
My trembling heart before Your knife

Many have walked a sharper road

Than that which I have trod
But these petty trials led me to You
And made me a man of God

Wilf 30/5/2011

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