Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It is Dangerous

It is Dangerous
It is dangerous to stay at home;
There are dragons to fight
All across the land
Hidden in the people,
Hidden in the houses.

It is dangerous to stay at home;
The dragons seed
Is in all your children,
Hidden by the people,
Hidden in your homes.

It is dangerous to stay at home;
Fighting the dragons
In all your children,
When hidden in your hearts
Hidden in your houses
You haven’t killed your own.
        I am a Safe Place
I am a safe place
Somewhere you can come
 Any time from any where
A door,a latch,no lock
And windows looking out on to, who knows?

A smile when you have none
A tear when you have too many ,
An ear,
Or two, or more
Occasionally-a brain
Sometimes by necessity
A mouth,
And always a heart

Ciches describe me so easily
But that’s not how I came to be here,
Nor you.

                                         WILF OCT 2007   

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