Saturday, 25 March 2017

How Lord

      HOW LORD

How have we come to this?
Some of the best souls of my generation
Swept  off the main streets into back alleys to get lost
In the name of.....
And in the meantime our sons and daughters
Worth their weight in gold
Wander those same streets fatherless.
Yes, I know something had to be done
But how did we come to this?

As I have looked on helplessly
I sometimes think this has broken me beyond repair:
I wish there was something in me,
That could take my anger and grief
And lead them in a protest against
But I am  too docile,
Maybe it is the silence of the Lamb
Holy and meek,
Maybe it is the battered sadness of a victim
A victim of this clean up job
Which has made more victims
As it purges out the 'sinners' from the Friend of sinners' church
All in the name....Yes all in that Name

I wish I could cry like Jeremiah did
He had a tender heart.
Mine is tender too because it is bruised
Dear God heal me
Do not leave me too numb to cry
For this church I love.

                              Wilf Mar 2017



Combing the  twilight air
A thread of hair from nowhere
Somewhere in the air
Leading to a face
And a mind whispering,

This and thats of what consequence?
Threads of thought lace and
The rope of  poetry

                      WILF Mar 2017

The First Time

             The First Time
The first time ever I felt God near
He was a ball of darkness
Darker than the blackness of my room
Impenetrable and alien
It took away my will to breathe
As I sat in my bed, terrified and thrilled

Days later He came as a gathering storm
Wanting to take my heart and blow through me

There have been so many times since
Not always the terror but
Always that familiar first time feeling,
Something virgin being experienced, and experiencing

Lying here alone in my bed 
Whispering, 'I love You, I Love You I.....
And joy rising up and up and up
Into the the warm night.

This is the first time again,
And the closer you come the more I wonder Who You are.
I always have the same prayer
" Hello I love You tell me Your name"
You always give the same answer.
It is always a surprise.

                            WILF FEB 2017

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Moon Music

                       MOON MUSIC

Your gravity pulls our strings
Changing our tune, like the colours of the night
Not easy to see what it is we hear
It is mostly nothing but then,
Then it is disturbing;
 That shouldn't go with this which never works with that.
God who should be drawing out harmoniously well behaved music
Stooping into this dissonance ?

Stooping, when really You should be in heaven, with all those harps
Like a proper God.
But I'm glad You are not as we imagine
And though these strings ache at every pull,
There is the pattern
Of something beautiful and eternal being created.

                                     WILF Jan 2017

Winter Meditation

               WINTER MEDITATION
Winter sun is weak but does not surrender
Throwing silver swords
Onto the frozen grass
The war goes on.

The summer sun cannot reach into here
Through the growing green
This place was made to know the sun
In winter
Low light through bare trees
Secrets shining in and into the cold

Those bare trees
I have heard their dwellers many times
But here in the barest time of all
I can see them, lovely in their spindly homes.

The sky, when it showed was a shy blue
So assured of who it was
It did not need to look Imperial
To be the conquering canopy of all below
                                       WILF Jan 2017

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

God by Numbers

                       GOD BY NUMBERS

                   One is the greatest but,
(Two would be too small, too many, odd)
              Three is the simplest number
                                              Wilf Nov 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Different Light

In this 21st century light
You look like anyone else
From your time and place
In the Middle East.

In the half light of my half journey
Colours begin to sleep
Something else comes to life
The lines in your face like river beds
Compassion and Grief
Carved out for us.

When darkness comes
Timeless and
Inevitable this far down the road
I know by senses I do not know
That You are there smiling
Like a young moon
The light of unquenchable kindness
In your unseen eyes
                                           Wilf Sep 2016