Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shane and Mabel

                             SHANE& MABEL
       The Shanes and Waynes
Are just the same
As Cain
And, as much to blame,
For Mabel as for Abel

And though it happens all the time
These days, don’t suppose that God is fine
With the way it goes time after time
It doesn’t make Sky News
But the blood of all the Abels and the Mabels too
Still cries out from the ground
And God’s broken outrage pounds
(Poor reception from the sky- can’t hear a sound) 

           But it’s 
crime after crime these days
time after time those days
heydays of slaydays
these days and those days
mayday mayday
those days most days 
it’s all the same 
it’s getting worse 
almost like
we’re under a…..
   And God’s tears fall like bloody rain
   On some to set a mark of Cain
    Not to curse but to reclaim
    These children from the road 
                                                     to eternal pain.

                                                               WILF 01 2008

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