Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Summer ''74

             Summer ‘74
I remember the first time we met
That mysterious presence in my room
I knew it wasn’t Vishnu or fana
Krishna, samadhi or nirvana,
I knew it was you
-I want to see you now
But not then- I was too afraid   
I might have died if you had stayed
Not daring to breath
What now?
First things first
Everything in its proper place;
I held my breath and my tongue
For you were there
At 2 Devonshire Road East
In my bedroom.
You didn’t speak but I knew
Something was happening to me
And  my life would never be the same again,

Recalling this reminds me of an evening
In the Winter of ‘66
As usual I’d been in the library after school 
The “Paranormal & Occult” section was fascinating stuff
But as I stepped onto the Hasland bus to go home
I crossed a threshold into
A place of lost innocence as I realised
The universe was full of dark forces and even darker beings
I was afraid
Life would never be the same
There was nothing I could do

But here in the summer of ’74
The fear if anything was more
But there was every thing to do
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