Thursday, 15 May 2014

For those who loved him

It is the people who are larger than life
Who help to make life as large as it is
Knocking down walls
Bringing the freedom to become ,in ways we never would
Breathing deeper than us
But never stealing our air.

And when they are gone
Although life changes it does not shrink
We still fill the space
That is the home of our soul
We fill it but it is empty.

One companion goes,
Another takes their place-grief,
Taking the hand of any who will go with him

Grief is grey
It has no beauty
But it is wise and it is brave
Leading away from itself
By way of itself
To places we would rather not go
To  a beauty wisdom bravery
We do not yet know.

One day unpredictably
The grief does not return
But if we have followed him
We will be healed
And we will smile
As we look the sun in the eyes

                                                    In memory of Ron Salter

                                                    Wilf  Feb 2010 

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