Monday, 29 June 2015

Sometimes This

When we started out
You did everything.

When we started out 
I did everything
You said
Carried on the wings of your words,

I seem to have left You behind
And You who are everywhere
Are nowhere to be found,
                                            Wilf June 2015
I have to finish this with a comma because although this happens it is not the last word.

A Strange Summer

       It was a strange summer
       We sang our songs to a helpless sun,
       Songs of love and rage,peace and anger;
       Longing and searching.
       Some believed the sun heard,
       But the answer came from somewhere else
       A startling light that revealed the pretensions
       Of the singing sixties,
       But also something deeper.

       That was the beginning

       Of a summer in a summer long ago.

       In the years that have followed

       This summer has become stranger,
       For in its ever growing light
       Eyes that see
       See that
       The God you know is more mysterious
       Than the God you do not know.
                                                                        WILF June 2015