Tuesday, 13 May 2014

From "The Nice Creed"

                   from “THE NICE CREED”  
1        All the broken boys
Come tumbling down the stairs  
And carefully we gather them up
Because we really care
For- really tidy stairs

2                She’s in bits
Because she’s been ripped
                  So no one can read her secrets.
Conveniently stuffed
In the proper bin

3    Pleeeese don’t bleed upon the carpet
Or into my ears
It might just reach my heart
And my heart pumps away all the blood
To keep the vessels clear
Blood in the heart’s no good
Blood in a stone is weird

4               You ok.me ok
He’s ok she’s ok
Someone –something
Sometime- somewhere
Said,”Ok is ok
          Not ok is not ok”
So shut up, ok?

5    Charity begins at home
That’s why (on the quiet
Just between me and me)
You don’t get any

                                           WIL FDEC 2007           

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