Thursday, 15 May 2014

Images of Zion*

                          Images of Zion*
 If I were a poet strange and hip
I’d liken Zion to the best cod and chips;
Once it swam in the depths of the sea,
And grew in the ground hidden away from me,
I didn’t find it, it found me
It arrived on a plate by an act of grace
All golden and white
It was love at first bite

                        We were the colours that couldn’t be blended
                        Stuck in a search that might never have ended
                        But for the grace of God
                        Me and you just wouldn’t have a clue..........
                        But now we are the rainbow random medley of colours
                        All distinct, all complementing each other
                        To make something beautiful.
                        And where this rainbow touches the earth
                        There is the pot of gold  
                        As we show this covenant kingdom
                        And bring its riches to the poor.

The orchestra is playing beautifully
        Seated neatly ,harmonies reaching heaven
Then the trumpets blow loud and mad
The players start stamping and hopping jumping and popping
The rhythm goes crazy and the chords aren’t right
But it all sounds amazing
As it blows into the night
Strange dissonance and harmony
Reaching into heaven
Its kind of
Jazz funk baroche punk classical rock thrash mash gospel
And more!
And when it all goes quiet you know
There is room for you in the score   

Diamonds are forever-
Until they get nicked
And a girl’s best friend as long as she’s rich
But drop them and they shatter
Like the dreams they pitch

But there is a jewel.......
It glows with a rich red light
Light from heaven on earth
The blood of God come as man
This jewel is forever and it can not be stolen
Friend of the poor and humble
It can never be broken
Its dreams come true
And the gates of hell shall not prevail
                                                     Living Stones Jan 2011
                      'Zion' Any expression of the Kingdom of God

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