Thursday, 15 May 2014


In the Sheffield rain
The tears ran
I was paralysed in the choice:
    Catch the night’s last train,
    Or go back and calm the hysteria
    Back to the woman I knew so well.
On the train with my new found principles,
A heavy heart and an easy conscience
I travelled on to an uncertain morning.

In the September sun
All the beauty of Zion around
God spoke,
“Stop pretending you don’t love her,”  
All I knew when I left her eight years before
Was that God was calling me away
And in my zeal I came.
Now I wept late tears
No regrets.

At the end of a brother’s sharp rebuke
I felt the poison dart
Of misplaced love removed.
And however fierce the fury
Of  a now unrequited lover
 I vowed never again to leave the pilgrim way.
Three ages,
Three lovers,
Three goodbyes,
Milestones on a hard road to the Promised Land.


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