Thursday, 22 May 2014

Teenagers,Entropy and the end of the Universe

If you have ever doubted the existence of other dimensions
Boldly go into a teenager's bedroom and
Behold in wonder, the chaos of matter
Flung into dimensions beyond the mind of man (or even woman)
Here is raw entropy-the beginning of the end
Of the universe as we don't know it.

(There is a theory supported by millions of dim middle aged people
That teenagers will indeed be the end of the universe
And what started with a big bang will end
Because of bad manners and Hip Hop and
The real cause of global warming-belching in public)

Despite these strange phenomenae
I can recommend getting to know one or two-
The more the merrier really
After all they know everything-that's got to be handy
Their eyesight is better that ours-they see things about us
We could never see and they will tell us.
So be prepared to be humbled and enlightened
By friendships that will last a lifetime
Because secret of all secrets in all their nascent brilliance
They still need spiritual mums and dads
And in this they are the missing link
In our own soul's evolution from middle aged monkeys
To spiritual men and women,fathers and mothers.
They bring a new dimension to life.
                                                                                                                                                Wilf 28.08.2012
                                          Entropy-chaos(approx!)                                                         Nascent-coming into being   

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