Monday, 22 May 2017

Mountain Walks ( For C.V.)

                MOUNTAIN WALKS (FOR C.V.)

I think if you walked in these mountains  

Alone, believing nothing,

You would still be changed somehow

In a somewhere

Deep inside the soul

You do not believe you have.

If you walk these mountains alone

Believing that you, like them

Are  made of earth by

The Father of  souls

You would not be alone.

If you walk these mountains

With a friend, this kind of friend,

Then the snow and the sky

The rocks and the moss

All reveal the knowledge of God

In friendship’s light which is stronger

In this thin mountain air.

                                        WILF 05 2017

Me and Ms. Simone

             ME AND MS. SIMONE

Ain't got no common ground:

She understands Bach, I don't.

She's a woman, I'm not.

She plays piano, I can't.

She sings; don't ask!

She's beautiful, I'm not.

She's black, I'm not.

She's angry, I'm not,

But when she said

"What I want is to live with no fear"

Her tortured eyes told me

We're in the same place.

                                    WILF 05 2017