Tuesday, 13 May 2014

When the Dreams all come True

              When the dreams all come true

When the answers no longer work
Better make sure that you know why
When all you can find is questions and paradox
And nothing firm to satisfy

When the picture starts to change
Better make sure your eye is set
For the landscape will shift and hide
Before the pilgrim’s goal is met

When the narrow way becomes a broad plain
Better make sure your feet are true
As the sacred freedom of that place
Spreads out far and wide for you

When your dreams all come true
Better make sure you’re not asleep
For you’ll need to be wide awake
To lay them at his feet

When you discover at last who you are
Better make sure you say “Hello” 
And greet your long lost self
For soon he’ll have to go

Lay it all down at the feet of Jesus
That’s what it’s given for
And if you pick it up new from the heart of Jesus
Remember what it’s given for .
And when you’re feasting on honey from the sun
Better make sure you have regard for me
I’m the least little brother of Jesus
But I stand at the gate of  Eternity

                                                             WILF 03 08

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