Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shirley Collins is the Best

              Shirley Collins is the best
It’s a fair chance you’ve never heard of her
But she’s the best.
Her voice is like white linen rags
Blowing in the sunny breeze
Clean and rough and raggy and soft
Fluttering and trembling somewhere near the tune
But not quite
And not quite not
She captures the peasant’s heart and sings it free
And she’s the best.

Why am I telling you  this ?
Just that life is like this;
Learn the tune and you’ll sing it perfectly
But there’ll be something missing
And you’ll probably sing alone;
Dig your way into the heart of things
And it will sound wrong, but not wrong
Neither in nor out of tune ,different
Something better, inside the tune
Awaking brave and noble dreams in all who hear
As it carries with it another song
Blowing in from another world
And Shirley Collins is the best
Because she made me think of this

                                                        Wilf  02 2008     

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