Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sad Syd

               Sad Syd
“Sing us a song Syd
Something to make us happy
A piece of tortured genius
C’mon baby make it snappy”

Sad Syd sitz
He thinks he shood 
Be stould
And understood 

Mad Syd doesn’t fit
But he doesn’t fit
He could if we would
But we wood

There are Syds in every crowd
They can’t play the liquid lines
Or sing those infant rhymes
They’re nothing like artists
So we don’t give them the thyme
But there’s one in every crowd
Looking for the sumthing
Too far away
Too long ago
Over the fine line
The find line ,the lost line
Genius / Sadness  
Normal / Madness  
Ladness / Lassness
Fastness / Vastness  

Syd expired like a sad sy  
I cried like a kid
For sad Syd
The days he died

But I don’t care if you can’t sing
I don’t care if you can’t play
I’ll shed a tear when you pass away
Cos you’re worth your weight
In diamonds any day

Syd had been dead for years
When Roger passed away
He was mourned by the few
Who loved him and knew
Who he really was
And what he had to say
But everyone else just missed Syd   

“Sing us a song……..    

Roger ”Syd” Barrett was a founder member of  Pink Floyd. He left after their first album, as drugs and a mental breakdown took their toll. Most of the rest of his life was spent as a virtual recluse, cared for by his mother and sister.    

                                                             Wilf  02 2008-

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