Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Looking Back

                   LOOKING  BACK
                       ..ly holy holy
I popped a little pill that was bigger than the world
And watched in wonder as another one unfurled
Then God or the Devil called enticingly
“Come follow Me and I’ll set you free,”
But I knew I couldn’t tell, heaven from hell
Unless I took my head from inside the little pill.
                      Lord God  
Took a ride again on a motorsickle
Mowed down the cruisers driving in a trickle
But the thrill had gone
So I came back home
And wondered and wondered
Where  the magic had gone.
                     Almighty who 
I listened to the band
With strings in their hands,
They had pixies for singers,
And bells on their fingers.
In and out of tune came an incredible song
But I wondered where the magic had gone.
                    Was and
I remembered the fire of our romance
That lit the secret steps of our dance
But the narrow road that I have traced
Has removed the memory of your face
Though I searched hard and long
I found the magic, the magic has gone.
                     Is and is
I followed your star up the mountain road
I lived in a land where milk and honey flowed
But I looked back down abandoned ways
To recall the magic of halcyon days
But if they were its home it has long since flown
And I’m lonely and cold for your presence has gone.
                  To come  ho…if…         
                                                      WILF O9 08


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