Thursday, 15 May 2014

Blue Boy

                             BLUE BOY

I am the lonely blue boy who lives in the moon
No one sees me
Or believes in me
So on the edge of the forests of stone
In the garden of the moon
I play on my own

Every day by the lakes of light I play
For I know where the gold is
And the water that runs free
But I will never tell you
Where they are to be found
And even if I did
You wouldn’t hear a sound
For you cannot relieve my lonely disease
So I will never let you see me
As I sail and play
On the moons tranquil seas

But if you find the gold and take it home
In pirate ships across the sky
You’ll never know what it really was
Where I played on those lonely shores

And if you find the waters of the moon
You’ll never know
That they were all my tears
Of all the sailors in all the stars
That are weeping now for you

I have wept the most.

                                                    WILF 17 09 2009

1 comment:

  1. This about lonely people who are so isolated they can feel that they may as well be living on the moon,but they are rich human beings if we could only reach them