Thursday, 15 May 2014

Imagine a Moment

                  Imagine a Moment

 Imagine a moment
When all the war is over.
On that first and final day God
Calling for silence,
And every ear strains
But nowhere in heaven or earth’s wide field
Does voice or faintest whisper rise
No breath of slander or temptation
No cry of pain or heartbreak.

When all are gathered there;
Holy ones,and
Those who started again so many times
That all they perfected was how to start again
Yes we are there ,holy
Not a soul is missing
As the last one joins hands
In that vast completed circle.

Then as the final and first
Realisation dawns
“Worthy is the Lamb” arises,
And fills the morning universe.

                                                 WILF JAN 2009 


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