Tuesday, 13 May 2014

All Tomorrow's Children & For the Lamb

All tomorrows children
If  the fathers are fools
Who will tell them the truth ?
Or blind ,
What hand will open their eyes ?

Will lips that stutter
With the primitive fear?
Will the hands that are  shaking
Afraid to come near?

Will the children be nice and good?
Or venture to that sacred ground
And speak words they never should ?
The “blasphemy” that frees and sounds
The forbidden trumpet blast and
Tell their fathers at last;
“We are all tomorrows children”

               For the lamb
You live in the rip of my heart
Noun ,verb and fellow sufferer
Blood joins us together
Eternity ,history
Faith’s rolling wheel now
Of  time and time again return
To history eternity
Together us
Join blood
Sufferer-fellow ,verb noun
In the heart of my rip
Live you 

                                       WILF 10 07

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