Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rage against the Cage

                             RAGE AGAINST THE CAGE
Rib cage, crib rage
Baby’s been born with a heart that’s trapped
Let it out early,let it out late
Doesn’t really matter it’ll still get slapped

The heart is trapped ‘cos it’s plumbed to the pumps
1,2,3,4 keep the blood flowing
1,2,3,4 keep it all going
One two
Keep the soft machine running
Three four
Keep the valves from blowing
Rib cage rise,inspiration
Breathe in for a bigger habitation
Breathe out back to the start
No more room for the rib caged heart
Me? I’m going to pull out my heart
Leave the pumps pumping and the ribs caging
But my heart is going to be free
Emblazoned upon my breast
A shield of vulnerability
That anyone can spear
God will heal and God will heal

So lift up your hearts
Let everyone see
Its tremblings and its dreams
Its flaws and its fears
Then they will see Jesus glowing in your Humanity
And He will draw all men unto himself

                                                                                              Wilf 02/07

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