Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Model

Jack Hakes looked around the room and did a last check,
“Seats ok,stuff in the middle ok,and must check the thermostat;boss goes mad if it’s too warm.”
Jack was certain it wouldn’t be warm enough,particularly for this kind of thing.He imagined the poor model shivering all the way through,not that he stayed to look.
Mr. Julian the organiser of the event looked around the room,adjusted the chairs by the appropriate number of millimetres and checked the thermostat,
”Expensive to heat these places” He tutted.
                                                              The model came in to the empty room,and when perfectly positioned,prepared to keep absolutely still for the next two hours;an impossible task for which the pay was meagre but much needed.Soon the room filled up with artists, photographers and other cultural luminaries including Professor John Symington who was due to deliver a lecture as they worked away.It was a very highbrow and cerebral affair.The fact that over half the people present felt something rather more basic at the sight of the model was never acknowledged either publicly or privately.
                                                                                                         The Professor prepared to begin his lecture.He had spent the last twenty years preparing lectures and his much neglected wife, Amelie had spent the last fifteen preparing to leave to leave him then changing her mind.Today she was packing.
The lecture began and showed no sign of ending.
                                                                        Hector Johansen was present with his mother, Clara.She was an art critic for an international magazine.She probably shouldn’t have brought her eight year old to this event but it suited her.Hector noticed that the model was shivering,
“Could the model please keep still!”whined Mr Julian,”Sorry Professor do continue”,Julian was angry,”These models are paid good money and they can’t even do the simplest tasks”
Hector noticed a tear slide and drop on to the model’s chest,he felt sad.
                                                                                                          Eventually the lecture, the drawing, the photography finished and everyone went to the foyer for drinks.After a while Hector spotted the model walking out unnoticed towards the main doors,he went over and said “Hello my name’s Hector,what’s yours?”
WILF 25.06.2013

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