Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Old Songs and Lovers

Songs of old lovers; dreams and adventures
Over and over my mind.
 Like an old piano playing
Out of tune and out of time
In a dark bar after hours.
I could be the piano or the fingers on the keys,
Either way it can be hard to stop the tune.

Sometimes in the dark hours that have no name
You are just a breath away and a spoken word would crack the intimacy
Then all I can do is whisper
Love, into Your ear, but at other times..
Old songs and  lovers barge in
Like a drunk that won't go home

I know that You were always pure
But on those cold hard mountain nights,
were you tempted
By what the girl from Magdala could have been, or John or Martha?
Was it easy to turn away from such thoughts of  tender warmth and talk to Father, the tenderest but sometimes farthest of all?
 It can be hard for us, was it hard for You?

Was it like a shepherd's flute or lyre for You?
Imaginary music trying to take you
Far from our Father.

Your past was in eternity
Mine was in a different place
You were tempted by things you never did and yet I know
You do not dispise our struggles
And when the piano plays soft and close
You are closer than the songs and the lovers.
                        Wilf Jun 2016

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Moon Walk

                                                 MOON WALK  
These colours 
Here in this dark shining
I wonder, do they have names?
In the morning sun I knew them well enough,
( I knew you )
But now the light has been to the moon
Something has changed
And as we walk together in its light
I see a change in you too.
Where have you been, does it have a name?
And would I have ears to understand
The dark shining road that has led you?

These colours
Maybe they are more than just dark colours
But my eyes cannot pierce this veil of moon mystery
To see what they signify.

They will change back with the sun's return
But not you,
I don't know how I know:
     The colour of your words?
     The glint of a new history in your eyes?

The path that you have trodden
Lit by a moon reflecting
The mysterious light of a dark sun;
Wherever you have been 
Wherever you go
You will never be the same again
                                                     Wilf June 2016



The landscape of my world has become strange
If ever it was mine it is no longer
Maybe the sky still meets the earth
But I cannot always find that place
And there is too much earth.

You may not see the difference
But if you stare
Something will stare back, and you will know.
Don't stare unless you're prepared
And then you better pray.

There was once a call that told me who and where
I was
It whispered like a drawing sword.

The landscape has changed
The land moves like the sea
Is that call still true
Amidst the whispering of the waves?
                                                       Wilf June 2016