Thursday, 22 May 2014

I Am Yours

Whether I am great or I am small
Serving just a few or all
If I am chosen or forgotten
Up on the top or at the bottom
I am yours.

Whether or not I see the hand
Making me whatever kind of man
Regarded as a wise man or a fool
Whether life is kind or it is cruel
I am yours.

I am yours in the darkness of my room
When only a woman’s warmth would do
For you are more than wife to me
Far more than family,
I am yours in the sunshine of your love
But give me grace so I do not move
For in the summer I so easily forget
The sun on whom my heart is set

When I am fighting in the war
Or just listening at your door
Lifting up my sword or my ear
Whatever it is I am here
I am yours.

In the storms of love
In the fire and the flood
My friends, my God
I am yours for good.

Wilf 04/2012
We’ve been talking a bit at home about making worship,devotional songs less fluffy and more manly.This started out as a few lines psalmed to a fairly dreary Leonard Cohen type tune and I realised whatever else he may do he sings as a hard bitten man so I wanted to emulate that.

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