Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Place

When you find your place
It is a place that is shaped like you
And you like it
-You having been changed out of all recognition
  Into all recognition-
That place
The one you thought
You’d never find
Because you didn’t know its shape
Or yours
Or even if it was there.
Only the smell rising from a dream led you
Like a memory not yet remembered
But it was enough to bring you here
Out into this broad high valley
Dangerously free unbordered because
Now you know

Broad and free as it is
It does not lead to any other places
Only more of this
And more of you

There is a way out only if you change,
Have your corners knocked back on,
Become smaller,
Bored with the avalanches of life here.
You could get back then
But you would have to die
                                                                 WILF 17 09 2009

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