Thursday, 5 November 2015


The frame is breaking
As the picture grows and changes
It cannot be contained any more
Where ever I look
At all I believe and love
There is a splintering
As something more alive breaks out

My oh so firm beliefs can only hint and guess

Life is tearing before me
Threads unravel, holes appear
And just beyond them
The Face of a man
                                                       WILF Nov 2015

After The Comma


After the comma, a space
space to breath before the next words

But they didn’t come
Silence and darkness of spirit came

Empty, lonely, meaningless
This was the perspective from where I crouched
Wherever this place was
However near, however far from God
One thing was still sure,

Strangely in my darkness
I could still love and be loved
The sight of a friend brought light, my only light
In those days of crying to an absent God
Whom I had no means of knowing
Even if He had been present

In time, from out of time came a silent word
And my spirit began to wake from its coma
Fluttering like a wounded bird
Surprised and happy to be alive, to life, to God
Starting again to fly,

                                                                             Wilf Oct 2015

                    This is the partner to 'Sometimes This', published earlier