Wednesday, 9 December 2015

When the Music Starts

                      WHEN THE MUSIC STARTS
Captain's Log,
Stardate: Tuesday 22 nd December 1970
Sheffield City Hall
8.30 pm -Band begins extended interstellar adventure
9.00 pm -Band returns to earth to retune instruments.

(Note to research facility-investigate why over 2000 people didn't notice the music going out of tune.)

A note rasps and tingles
A score of overtones slowly arise, climb and spread
Another note curls,turns and quivers
Over drones humming the deep foundations 
Of a temple of sound
Created from the master's sitar
In those few moments a door was opened
To a strange world

Sound stopped
Door closed
The master smiled ,
"Thank you, but that was just the tuning, now I will begin"
We're a long way from home
And a long time ago 
We stopped listening ,then stopped hearing .
It was a long , long time ago that the stars sang , 
A long time ago that a garden groaned .
We can't hear it any more
We're a long way from home
Mystics ,the world over,
Seeking the one thing know one thing,
After all God has taken them through 
On the pitted road to perfect love
The many years seem like a few moments,
And when everything is in place at last
They know it is time to begin
Worshipping at the altar
Where the black disc spins;
A wheel turning through the door of the world ,
Spinning dreams that tell me,
"Go up go back go down go
No need to stay here",
So I dreamed myself away 
From here and all its grey
Spinning spinning to another time
Under another blue sky 
The songs go on
While the sky stares down unreachable

The songs go on
As the broken door creaks

The songs go on
Trying to find a home

The songs go on 
Until the beginning

The songs go on
Until the dreamers awake
And the music starts
In this silence
Sky and Earth meet
The last door has opened
In this silence
The dreamers awake to find
Something greater than all their dreams
Out of this silence
The music starts

Every movement
Every shape
Every colour 

Every surface
Every depth

Every muscle
                                          Wilf Dec 2015

The nearness of You

                     THE NEARNESS OF YOU

You came so close
I could smell your last meal,
Wine and bread and wine
Body and blood carried on your breath.

You held me so close
I became strong,
You held me so tight
And I broke,

So, in Your arms safe at last.
A safety I do not yet understand,
This poor broken man-a sparrow
Fallen to earth
Felled by the wounded hand 
That now holds me.

                                                     Wilf Dec 2015

Thursday, 5 November 2015


The frame is breaking
As the picture grows and changes
It cannot be contained any more
Where ever I look
At all I believe and love
There is a splintering
As something more alive breaks out

My oh so firm beliefs can only hint and guess

Life is tearing before me
Threads unravel, holes appear
And just beyond them
The Face of a man
                                                       WILF Nov 2015

After The Comma


After the comma, a space
space to breath before the next words

But they didn’t come
Silence and darkness of spirit came

Empty, lonely, meaningless
This was the perspective from where I crouched
Wherever this place was
However near, however far from God
One thing was still sure,

Strangely in my darkness
I could still love and be loved
The sight of a friend brought light, my only light
In those days of crying to an absent God
Whom I had no means of knowing
Even if He had been present

In time, from out of time came a silent word
And my spirit began to wake from its coma
Fluttering like a wounded bird
Surprised and happy to be alive, to life, to God
Starting again to fly,

                                                                             Wilf Oct 2015

                    This is the partner to 'Sometimes This', published earlier 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015



   Cobwebby face and crab claws
    Penciled on pearl,

Your name rolls like a note
From a song far away
Calling to the waters 
Heaping up the waves,

You capture the sun in your pale face
And in that light it is clear
There is mystery everywhere 
Hidden histories in each face
Adventures around every half corner,

You show in black and white
That nothing is black and white. 

                                                                   Wilf Aug/2015  

Monday, 29 June 2015

Sometimes This

When we started out
You did everything.

When we started out 
I did everything
You said
Carried on the wings of your words,

I seem to have left You behind
And You who are everywhere
Are nowhere to be found,
                                            Wilf June 2015
I have to finish this with a comma because although this happens it is not the last word.

A Strange Summer

       It was a strange summer
       We sang our songs to a helpless sun,
       Songs of love and rage,peace and anger;
       Longing and searching.
       Some believed the sun heard,
       But the answer came from somewhere else
       A startling light that revealed the pretensions
       Of the singing sixties,
       But also something deeper.

       That was the beginning

       Of a summer in a summer long ago.

       In the years that have followed

       This summer has become stranger,
       For in its ever growing light
       Eyes that see
       See that
       The God you know is more mysterious
       Than the God you do not know.
                                                                        WILF June 2015                                                                     

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I read Your Theology Book

I read your theology book
It said lots of things about God and people and Jesus.
The writing was all joined up,connected
By neat straight lines,
I understood it,
But I went away and wept.

I read your theology book,
It said lots of things about God and people and Jesus.
There was a great hole through the centre of the pages,
The writing just went round, pretending it wasn’t there.
I understood it,
But I went away lonely.

I read your theology  book ,
It said lots of things about God and people and Jesus
All smeared with your tears and sweat stains
And then mine
I’m not sure I understood
But I went away filled with kindness and wonder
                                                                                  WILF 06/03/2015


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Poem without words-correct version

I think I was having a bit of a John Cage moment when I wrote this!It is about human life; from birth to death.Three sections of life infancy youth old age.