Thursday, 22 May 2014

Response to a song about God's Holiness

I suppose the holiness of God is lovely-to Him
But the times I've been aware of it it wasn't.
My first experience was that it was dangerous and unapproachable
Fortunatly this particular time was short lived
Or I think I would have been.

In our world the word "lovely" is too domestic
It's an "ok" kind of word
And the holiness of God is probably not ok
I'm guessing because I have only felt it when
I've been on the wrong side of it and(thank God)He came too close
But it certainly isn't safe for the likes of us
Not without some of the other things God is
Then the whole thing becomes a different story
And God is good at writing those.

These days I have no words
With which to speak of the Holiness of God
That other story has changed everything

When I was ignorant of God
I knew something of His holiness by contrast
Now I suppose I know more
But of His holiness?

I do not say that nothing can be said
But by me from here
Probably not.
                                                           Wilf 11.12.2012

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