Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Gift

It is strength to a father's arms
As he guides his children on
Up through the lofty narrow paths
And on to their mountain home

It is the gentleness of the mother's embrace
And the richness of her breasts
That brings her children nourishment,
Protection,solace and rest

It is tenderness trembling on the lover's lips
Set on fire by the love of God
It is innocence gazing into unseen eyes
That happily dies for the Lord

It is sharpness to the warrior's sword
By which the weakest may slay
Sure course to the bowman's arrows
To find the heart of the prey

For those who dare it is all these things
Single yet manifold,mysterious and bright
This is the gift of celibacy
Come down from the Father of lights
WILF 04-98

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