Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Before the Drum Beats

                 Before the drum beats *
Even if it brings a tear to your eye
This will hurt me more than you .
It may resonate with you,
Let you know you are not alone,
Stir the depths of your being,
Bring a glow to your heart,
But it will hurt me more than you.

The words are the skin
The rhythms and rhymes
Are the muscles and bones
The product of skill alone,
But the heart and spirit they embody
Is something else
Located beyond all skill
And needing guts, madness-or absinthe-to find

Sometimes the heart is found easily
But often it has to be dragged
Raw, frightening and still beating
Into the light of a merciless sun
Beating  beating……

Of course I’m exaggerating
( I’ll say that so you don’t think I’m weird )

But. No pain no gain
        No blood no good
This will hurt me more than you
But it will hurt me more if I don’t
Just give me the guts Lord .
                                        Wilf  04 07

*T.S.Elliot said that all poetry begins with
the beating of the drum . This is about the creative process
in this case poetry ,but it could be anything 

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