Thursday, 22 May 2014

Robert Copping Becomes Invincible

I knew what the bogey man was like
He had no name and he was bad.
Long old coat worn shiney
In shades of bogey grey
It had never been bought in a shop
It had always been the bogey man's
And he had always been
The bogey man

That afternoon I had been imprisoned
behind a little wall that surrounded the
Electric board's shed,with the instructions
"Stay thee-er else t'bogey man'll get thee"
Stern stuff for a five year old to face,

In that moment I knew.
I stepped over the low wall
And walked home past the big boys
Who must have been impressed,
"Eel ave thee",they cried
But there was no bogey man
I had taken the great step of freedom
That's when I first realised that
I was invincible.
And it took a lot more than the bogey man
To convince me otherwise.
                                                             Wilf 11.12.2012

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