Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The child is father to the man

'The child is father to the man',
No wonder then 
That hardly anyone grows up properly;
Being wrenched from childhood
Before it has matured
Into that peculiar wisdom
That only grown up children can have

Somewhere between childhood 
And what comes next we are made
To jump over a chasm so wide 
That we can carry little with us
So we are unprepared
For the next stage of our journey.
It is called adulthood and we,adults
Trouble is,we're not
And for most of us 
Life is a limp and stumble
From one false security to another.

If you can,if you dare,
Go back
Retrieve what you left behind
You might just become a father of men
And not just another insecure teacher.

                                             Wilf 07/2006   

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