Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Oh God your Ways are Strange & Heaven Sent

Oh God your ways are strange to us
For we are very strange
But when you make us pure in heart
How simple they all are

The path between the head and heart
Is a thousand long miles long
And even the first step cannot be made
Without the help of the man

Truth flashes between
The poles of paradox
And can not be grasped by mind
But in the heart that is ready
It will settle
Perfectly still flashing
Whistling breathing and singing
Its impossibly simple song
              Heaven sent 
I was standing close to her
When memories of beauty came
Like the scent of perfume
On an unfelt breeze.
Memories and desire-hands
Face, limbs and lips-friendly skin
But not her's- a general recollection
Pleasant rather than passionate
But it took me by surprise
I’d forgotten
But I smiled as I remembered
All that I had been given in exchange
It was no robbery.

                                                       WILF 0607  

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