Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The School


In the School of Life
Don’t bother putting on smart clothes
Because we’re going to that special table
The one in the corner with more paints , and mess
And kinder teachers .
We are the Grey Remedials
And we need a bit of colour
Daubed all over us to make us humble
And more kindness
Daubed all over us when we take a tumble
We’re slow learners at best .

There are Some People on the other tables
Pretending to learn more important things,
They don’t need the paints
Or the kindness
And they hate the mess.
They’re in real trouble
And insecure as hell,
They’d enjoy the paints
And the kind teachers

In the University of Life …….
there’s no verse for that 
nobody got in

                                         WILF 03 08

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