Tuesday, 17 June 2014

To the Strong

There are those who 
look strong,
Either because they have never faced a battle,
Or because they are afraid of showing who they really are
Then there are those who
Are strong
If that is you I'm glad
Because I need you to let me see
The weakness that makes you 
Cry out to God
Then I will know 
There is hope for me
Because I shrink when I see
A steely stainless soul
So show me what you are
When you've fallen in the darkness,
How your childhand reaches up
And is taken by the hand of God
Then I will know there is a way 
Out of my hell.
If you are worried about helping me
I have to say,you will have to go a long way
You will get dirty and hurt
It will be exhausting
You'll wonder if I'm worth it
You'll wonder if God's worth it
But at the end you will realise
You'd do it a thousand times
That's because you are strong

                                                Wilf 06/2014   

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