Tuesday, 17 June 2014


It's cold.
No warmth in me no fire from God
It's lonely.
Me here and Him there somewhere 
Busy with the universe.
I'm cold and lonely among the mountains
That He hasn't removed
And there are storms here as I rage against Him
Oh God.

When I can't shout or swear any more
I see that life is still the same,I am driving my car
The bins will need sorting out when I get home
People everywhere will still need kindness
And the words of Jesus still hold true
I'm sorry Lord, 

Sometime later I realise Your peace has come 
Peace beyond all understanding
Not because is it so blissfully vast
(Though I have known that)
But because it really shouldn't be 
Where I am
Father thankyou.
                                                   Wilf 06/2014

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