Monday, 16 June 2014

A Machine Called Martha

"I'm looking forward to the future-
The next minute will do as
This one is too full of things already
There is no room for me to live in it
So I must rush into the next one and stake my claim
Before anything else gets there
Then I'll really be able to live"

"I've been saying that for years
But everything rushes in and pushes me out
Perhaps if I go faster....but no it doesn't work
They are always there,the things that fill my time
They have stolen my life moment by moment
For when I look back there is nothing there"

"I don't know who orders me do these things
Or why I obey
But they rush into my future to fill it before I get there
So when it is the present,it is not mine
Perhaps if I go faster....."

2 (Martha contemplates contemplation)

"Perhaps I'll start....... just a little
Now that I'm not too afraid of nothing filling my moments.
Maybe I could live with just me being there
The me that's not very good at being me
I guess I'm afraid of facing who me is,or isn't
I wonder if we'd get on?
I'm scared as well that God wouldn't be there
Or that He would!
Would we get on in that chasing stillness that I fear.
I know about things, but not Him
Would He come?
He said he would, but I don't know."

3 (Postscript much later.)

Christianity is ok.
It's not as good
As the real thing.
                                                         Wilf 04/2005   

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