Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mid Journey

After all the words are spoken
By the tongues of all the wise
Silence comes:the word ,the meaning,
Wisdom that cannot be framed or contained-You.

Your mysterious beauty surpasses all senses-You
No longer condescending to satisfy immature desires
So,they must rise and seek the impossibly unsearchable
In a darkness that love does not see
And which faith knows is filled with You,
The One to whom I am ever joined.

When one day the morning comes
To reveal You in your splendour,I shall be here
For love bears all things,even You!
And I cannot give up my search.

I do not know how I know what I know
But I know what I know is You,
Jesus,Father,Spirit of life.
The One to whom my soul cleaves in love.

                                                                 Wilf 03/2005   

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