Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Place where no one goes

This place can not be found
But love may lead you here.
You'll know when you've arrived,it's cold
Jumper-in-summer bone cold
And though you are here to warm this place
You won't feel it if you do.

It is lonely here
Because you are only really here 
When you face the right way, 
Millions live here like tortured ghosts
All going the wrong way
So by the rules of this place,you are alone
Alone with the cries and the scrape of chains
Alone with a world of ghosts.

So why do you come? Away from the halls of joy
To this house of grief.
Oh following the Man-He's here,kind of,well very
This is one of his places
And you have come,some of you 
You who can not bear to leave Him alone
(Where did that feeling come from?)
Has love sent you mad?
Well why not? Mad or not you'll be with him
You'll be afraid as He was afraid
You'll be hurt as He was hurt
But none of this will stop you
For you must come here-some of you
To sigh and gasp and weep
If you want to know its name,that is known by many
But understood by few
It is prayer
This place of grief and ghosts should never have been
So pray that it becomes
A place where no one goes
                                          Wilf         08/2003


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