Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rupert and the Man in the Garden

Do you remember? The meadows and the woods
So charming and ordinary,but so magical
Where a small bear tumbled into other worlds
Through secret gates and holes and hills.

It would be impossible to make a map of Nutwood
For just when you thought you knew its nooks
Round a corner,
Under a stone,
Behind a tree,was the way into another realm
Which just wasn't there before,
And tomorrow may be gone.
Ah,my heart aches as I look back
But as the song says;
"Sometimes a light surprises a christian as he sings"
Or prays,and sometimes the gate into another world 
By dark inscrutible ways.

The spiritual journey and the geography of Nutwood
They are just the same
And a room can become the gateway to heaven
Or the arena of some mortal combat of the soul
But tonight everything has shrunk away and
I realise with great reluctance 
As faith unsuspectingly follows love.....
         Far far away common sense is shouting out
         But the heart knows in its timid willful
         God fearing,wanting way
         That in this small room as I pray
         A gate has opened into a garden
There,a man is crying almost 
To the point of madness.
I hardly dare admit it,for fear of being profane 
But I feel his pain,
I know I must go to him
In the crazy knowledge that though I am no angel
I who have nothing must
Minister to the Saviour in his need
Just an arm around His shoulder
A listening ear,all I have.

Gethsemane: The time will come again and many times 
I know,when she will call forth my will
To be surrendered on God's altar.
But for now I must lay down my so called humility 
Which here and now is just natural demuring
Because I must remain in this place
Where I do not belong
This is His place and his time
Only love would dare to remain sharing God's grief
Of which no one is capable of worthy
And I feel more like that small bear than the mystics
Who spoke of such things
We are not characters from a book
Nor mere angels who can only serve;
We are made in the image of God
And right now He needs a friend.
                                                     Wilf 06/2005

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