Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mid life

We are not old
We have not lived the years given to us
We have acknowledged them
But we have not embraced them
We have been their passengers
Not their lovers.

We are weary 
Yet we have not gone very far
We have not sailed the thousand seas
We would not brave the terror of their waves
So we do not know the secrets
Of the lonely and far distant isles.

We have not climbed so high
As to see the impossible blooms
Pushing out of the rocks they have split
To be kissed and to kiss the mountain sun.

Then where have we been?
For we are weary.

Throughout the years that we have not lived
We have hidden the memory
That once we dreamed shimmering dreams
And walked a magic road
So we scorn those who do
And we laugh,yes but we yearn....

What are we?
We defend ourselves in public
"We are not old"
We attack ourselves in secret
"We are too old"
Well if we are then our hope is gone.

But we are not too old,
We are not old enough
We are too young and we need to learn
How to become old
Old with sea journeys
Old with mountains
Old with wisdom that comes 
By embracing our days like seasoned lovers
Then the dream and the dreamer will shimmer again
And we will walk the magic road
Guided by a single star
For here there are no footprints.
                                                        Wilf  07/2003 

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