Thursday, 5 November 2015

After The Comma


After the comma, a space
space to breath before the next words

But they didn’t come
Silence and darkness of spirit came

Empty, lonely, meaningless
This was the perspective from where I crouched
Wherever this place was
However near, however far from God
One thing was still sure,

Strangely in my darkness
I could still love and be loved
The sight of a friend brought light, my only light
In those days of crying to an absent God
Whom I had no means of knowing
Even if He had been present

In time, from out of time came a silent word
And my spirit began to wake from its coma
Fluttering like a wounded bird
Surprised and happy to be alive, to life, to God
Starting again to fly,

                                                                             Wilf Oct 2015

                    This is the partner to 'Sometimes This', published earlier 

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