Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sabre! Sabre!

Sabre! Sabre! shining bright
In the forest of the night
Does the gleaming of your blade
Issue from the God of light?

Is He who saved the widows' plight
And brought the blind man back to sight
Is He whose gentleness makes great
The mysterious hunter of the night?

Does He who promised liberty
Wield the blade so fearesomely?
Upon the weak who ask of Thee
A share of Your own charity,

Did He who sent the Lamb
Send Thee!
                                       Wilf 11/2001
When I was thinking of this poem dealing with some of the ways God works in the soul I had Blake's poem Tyger,Tyger in mind so it echoes that.But a strange thing was I began with the words dagger,dagger but they didn't seem right so I went for Sabre Sabre and at some point later realised the connection-sabre tooth tigers.One of those funny thing with language.  

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