Tuesday, 1 July 2014


You see the smile,
But you do not hear
The creak of muscles
Lifting up the weight of sorrows
On his upturned lips.

You see the light 
In his joy filled loving eyes,
But you do not know
That it shines
From the riverbed of his tears.

You know that in his presence 
There is healing,
But you do not see
That the elixir of his life
Flows from the fountain of his wounds.

You see a hero,
But you do not know
His history of sad and hopeless bondage
From which he has been pulled free
Step by painful step.

He scatters your darkness
Your hope then rising like the golden orb
And you travel as on a summer's day,
But you do not see
The star that guides him
Far up the mountain road.
                                            Wilf 11/2002

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